Photography by Ian Cameron

Framed Prints

y framed prints are currently available in solid ash and are custom built in house to show the prints at their best.  Unfortunately due to excessive postage and the increased risk of breakage, glass framed prints are only really practical for delivery to UK destinations.  If you would like to purchase a Transient Light print for delivery outside of the UK, please purchase using  PRINT ONLY.

Ash Prints:

Ash is a more expensive hard wood with a distinctive and variable grain pattern that guarantees a unique appearance to every framed image we produce.  No two are ever quite the same.  Its stiffness over longer lengths make it ideally suited for use in larger frames.  Ash is tough, hard wearing and looks fantastic and is much better suited to larger prints.  All ash finished prints are double matted in antique white, pH balanced, lignin free white core, with both 4 and 3.5 inch borders on all sides. Double matting greatly enhances the appearance of larger prints. 

All frames are made up in-house to custom fit the prints to the most appropriate format, giving us the flexibiltiy to produce frames with mattes that are particularly suited to the prints produced.  All prints are personally signed by me on the matted borders and each print bears an "image inspiration" label adhered to the reverse, these contain the print title, information relating to the photograph, my signature and where appropriate the counter-signed edition number of the limited edition set.  Flush mounting brass rings are screwed to the reverse side of the framed print and low stretch nylon cord is fixed between to suspend the finished print so that they are ready to hang.  Finally every print is sealed with adhesive tape to prevent the ingress of dust.

I use high quality 2mm float glass on the front of every framed print produced.  Although non-reflective glass would appear to be a better option, personally I dislike the diffuse effect it has on a crisp photographic print and prefer instead to concentrate on lighting it more appropriately to reduce any reflected glare.


Open edition framed prints will be despatched within 7 days of acknowledgement of your order.

Limited edition framed prints will be despatched within 3 weeks of acknowledgement of your order.


Nepal, Lake Phewa, Pokhara, portrait, rice, plantation photo