Photography by Ian Cameron
Alpine Swifts, Les Houches, Chamonix, France, alps, recessive, layering, misty, mountains, speck, freeze, view  photo

Alpine Swifts   Les Houches, Chamonix, France

I had literally packed the camera away when I saw this morning view across the alps from Les Houches outside our appartment and saw the beautiful recessive  layering of misty mountains in the direction of Chamonix with the faintest of wispy clouds floating in a pale blue sky.  I took one shot and noticed annoying speck appear on my screen and then realised a swift had shot through the frame on its way to some eaves under the houses.  It became apparent that there were dozens flying back and forth so I waited for a few to appear in the frame and took a sequence.  This was the best with my extended ISO to freeze movement and retain depth of field..

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