Photography by Ian Cameron
Apocalyptic Skies Findhorn, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, ridiculous, sky, ginger, beach huts, realistic   photo

Apocalyptic Skies Findhorn   Findhorn, Moray, Scotland

This is the shot that borders on the utterly ridiculous, the sky looks like the colour of a McVities ginger nut biscuit and the sand is garishly orange whilst the blue of the sky defies belief.  The colour saturation particularly on the red channel was so strong I had to back off the red saturation and brightness to the extent that the image became very dark.  Once again I refer you back to the beach huts that maintain a largely consistent colour and hue a strong indication that the rest of the scene is a realistic interpretation of what I and thankfully other witnesses saw in reality.  That said I should point out that I don't particularly like the result it looks cartoonish and is anything but restful but I do think it is worth including at least for the sake of completeness.

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