Photography by Ian Cameron
Awakening Ben Loyal, Loch Hakel, Sutherland, Scotland, serene, chill, reed, mist, veil, peak, loch, performance, atmosph photo

Awakening Ben Loyal   Loch Hakel, Sutherland, Scotland

On a beautiful serene Summers morning with just a slight chill in the air.  I worked my way around Loch Hakel towards a small reed at the southern end.  I already had a perfect reflection and I would have been pretty happy with that but as the first rays of light struck the mountain I saw greater opportunities a thin veil of mist lifted off the loch and with the clouds still full of colour from the sunrise I waited for light to strike the peak eventually capturing this at its peak of performance.  The atmosphere is tangible looking at the picture I can still smell the colours of that very fine morning.

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