Photography by Ian Cameron
Baltic, Loch A Chroisg, Achnasheen, Scotland, chilling, winter, morning, fragile, straggly, scots pine, trees, frost  photo

Baltic   Loch A Chroisg, Achnasheen, Scotland

Baltic !! is barely adequate to describe the bone chilling conditions I experienced on this incredible winter morning at the edge of Loch a Chroisg.  For this is not snow that coats those fragile and straggly Scots pine, but accumulated hoar frost about two inches deep and this would be the third day of sub zero temperatures which at one stage dropped as low as minus 27 degrees celcius which I believe to be lower than the lowest official recorded temperature of anywhere ever recorded in the UK.  Three months after this little two day excursion I was still unable to detect any feeling in the ends of my finger tips on my right hand. 

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