Photography by Ian Cameron
Ben Loyal View, Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland, gorgeous, lofty, view, hill, estuary, colossal, cloud, pattern, castle Var photo

Ben Loyal View   Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland

This gorgeous lofty view is on the top of a hill which rolls over the estuary at Tongue towards Talmine.  At mid to low tide the sand banks that form the estuary grow to colossal dimensions and create fabulous patterns which change with the tide.  I waited until all the elements that pleased me were in my favour, the best cloud pattern and its distribution, mixed light and shade on the slopes land and water and a wee slither of light to lift tiny cubic castle Varrich 2/3 of the way up the first hillside.  I took just the one shot, well it is £1.00 a picture these days.

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