Photography by Ian Cameron
Ben on Trike, Forres, Moray, Scotland, nostalgic, Ben, scraped, knee, bruise, excitement, legs, scanner, dust photo

Ben on Trike   Forres, Moray, Scotland

I am not a particularly nostalgic person but whilst mulling over some old transparencies I came across this one slipped down the side of a drawer.  it shouldn't actually have been there at all as it was deeply covered in embedded dust and grime with a couple of nasty fungus spots to boot.  just for the fun of it I decided to give it a go using my scanner and its ICE 4 dust and grot removal infra red channel.  If you ever wondered if these things were worth having and more to the point worth using, then this is the proof.  Sincerely this would have been unusable without it.  As it is it's fresh and bright if not particularly sharp on the face.  Best of all it screams, typical Ben, scraped knee, bruised leg and the urge to go as fast as his very wee legs could turn the pedals and of course undiminished excitement after about his fiftieth lap of the house.  Lest we forget why we take photographs.

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