Photography by Ian Cameron
Birch Brush Sund, Sund, Lofoten, Norway, dawn, rock, badger, snow, mohican, snow storm, light, inky, sky, illuminated, w photo

Birch Brush Sund   Sund, Lofoten, Norway

On our way to my intended dawn shoot near the hamlet of Sund  I noticed this huge rock topped looking like a gigantic badger's head spattered with snow and a mohican styled birch brush.  Fanciful well of course but it grabbed my attention and I couldn't quite get it out of my head so after shooting a very splendid sunrise and an obvious change in the weather had become apparent I joined the race for this shot.  the race was not as you might suspect a huge desire amongst my kindred man but one of approaching snowstorm and the vague promise of light striking the rock with the sky maintaining its inky hue behind.  The winner was me, the sun illuminated the badger for around 30 seconds before I was quite literally flattened by the ensuing snow storm.

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