Photography by Ian Cameron
Birch Wood Affric, Glen Affric, Highland, Scotland, woodland, de-clutter, mature, green, lichen, sun, dappled, canopy, t photo

Birch Wood Affric   Glen Affric, Highland, Scotland

I really enjoy certain types of tree and certain types of woodland but rarely find that the trees I like are situated somewhere that I can make sense of them in the two dimensional space that is the boundaries afforded to film  Often I find the best way is to use a limited depth of field and de-clutter the back drop by allowing it to go out of focus but occasionally it works and the two flavours of green one open in dappled light in lime green and one a more mature green, namely the canopy above separated by equally sun dappled white trunks impregnated with lichen just about meets my desire for a resolved composition.

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