Photography by Ian Cameron
Blood Light Diabaig, Diabaig, Torridon, Scotland, snow, white, red, sun, blood, amber, blue, best, stunning, scene     photo

Blood Light Diabaig   Diabaig, Torridon, Scotland

This is the shot of this particular location I have been waiting to get for the best part of two years.  I had been thwarted both by a lack of snow and by far too much of the white stuff.  A blood red sun set through a thin band of cloud on the skyline whilst the cool blues of reflected clear sky filled the shadows providing very strongly opposing hues of burnt amber where the sun kissed the highest points for the briefest of moments before falling into blue shadow.  It was quite simply one of the most stunning Scottish scenes I have ever witnessed and unsurprisingly earns a rare place in my best shots portfolio.  

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