Photography by Ian Cameron
Blood Red Lurgainn, Loch Lurgainn, Inverpolly, Scotland, winter, sunrise, still, blood, red, twilight, silhouetted, marc photo

Blood Red Lurgainn   Loch Lurgainn, Inverpolly, Scotland

A glorious winter sunrise materialised over Loch Lurgainn which was unusually still.  It was also rather unexpected as although I had gone out early in the hope that something would happen I didn't exactly race over towards my chosen venue as it seemed distinctly unpromising.  Scotland is nothing if not full of surprises and I found myself having to quickly adapt to the situation.  The blood red sun splash and the cyan of twilight combine beautifully, but I was very pleased to find these silhouetted bushes marching over the brow of the hill to add a little gravitas to the foreground.  Despite better skies evolving this is my favourite of the bunch I took.

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