Photography by Ian Cameron
Brushed Gold Vollen, Yttresand, Lofoten, Norway, Vollen, canals, golden, brushed, grass, sunrise, reflected, shine, snow photo

Brushed Gold Vollen   Yttresand, Lofoten, Norway

This is probably the finest of the shots that I took at the gorgeous Vollen canals that cut their way through this beautiful golden brushed grass at the back of Yttresand beach.  I had already been treated to some gorgeous light shortly before sunrise but truly this surpassed that moment in by the shovel load.  Getting down low enabled me to pick up the reflected shine off the golden grass from the sun as it burst from behind low cloud and scythed it's way across the salt marsh at the same time making the best use of the undulations and the streaks of blue sprinkled snow between each mound that reflected colour from the sky.  Utterly gorgeous but very shortlived.

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