Photography by Ian Cameron
Cairngorm Freeze 2, Loch Morlich, Cairngorm, Scotland, glorious, freezing, cold, morning, peaks, sparkle, sun, ice, mist photo

Cairngorm Freeze 2   Loch Morlich, Cairngorm, Scotland

On a glorious freezing cold morning following a period of thick grey cloudy sky and heavy snow I was confronted by mist boiling off the massive plate of ice covering Loch Morlich at the foot of the Cairngorm peaks.  It is extremely rare for me to point my camera at the sun but the slight diffusion created by the mist was just enough to reduce lens flare to acceptable amounts yet the bright foreground retained plenty of textural detail and sparkle.  Now despite massive advances in the digital world one thing I have always found unacceptably tarnished is the digital representation of the sun.  To put it bluntly it looks horrible like a series of stepped rings of brightness away from the central orb.  This looks much more natural to me of course there is no detail to see, but if you ever see any when looking directly at the sun I suggest you might just have burned out the retina of your eyes.

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