Photography by Ian Cameron
Ceciles House, Braemore Junction, Dundonnell, Scotland, house, derelict, An Teallach, isolated, harsh, indigo, mountains photo

Ceciles House   Braemore Junction, Dundonnell, Scotland

This place will always affectionately be known as Cecile's house at least by me.  She was one of the Chevron group that joined me on a trip to Inverpolly and she obviously thought i'd lost the plot when I lined up this derelict house against the backdrop of An Teallach.  I doubt this shot will change her opinion but to me its isolated dereliction fits in supremely well with the harsh environment.  Of all the shots I took this is the only one that truly shows off the contrasting indigo mountains and deep blue sky that remained with us for a few moments before returning to grey.  

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