Photography by Ian Cameron
Charcoal Boats, Salen, Mull, Scotland, flat, light, drizzle, mist, de-clutter, textures, boats, wrecked, black and white photo

Charcoal Boats   Salen, Mull, Scotland

On the afternoon of my first visit to Salen the weather was fairly unkind, flat light, white skies and a drizzle so heavy and fine that the backdrop was partially concealed in mist.  Oddly I rather liked the effect as it tended to de-clutter the backdrop and concentrate attention on the very lovely textures evident on the two wrecked boats.  As a consequence I borrowed a healthy dollop of artistic license and applied it with a trowel to the image originally made in colour to turn it into a charcoal etched black and white image.  Not for everyone I'm sure but I quite like the result.

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