Photography by Ian Cameron
Choccy Box Strathfarrar, Strathfarrar, Highlands, Scotland, chocolate box, scenery, rust, red, bracken, golden, birch, c photo

Choccy Box Strathfarrar   Strathfarrar, Highlands, Scotland

At times like these, (and I am referring to Covid 19 and the fourth week of lock down), when you can't go out, you feel like you have to treat everyone even your friends and family as lepers and the whole world has gone just a little bit stark staring bonkers.  All that's left is to gaze longingly at a scene reminiscent of the packaging on a huge box of chocolates before devouring the lot.  Sometimes chocolate box scenery is all you want and satisfies your every need.  This wee stone cottage by the side of a twisting single track road passing through golden birch and rust red bracken reminds me there is better days ahead.

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