Photography by Ian Cameron
Clash of Titans, Mangerstadh, Lewis, Scotland, clouds, sea, soft, cliff, impressive, shape, overlap, stacks, shadow, dif photo

Clash of Titans   Mangerstadh, Lewis, Scotland

Some of the most impressive coastal cliff scapes I have seen tend to be on Lewis and Caithness, Mangerstadh is at the  former location on the west coast past Uig Bay and at one point along the cliff top it is possible to more or less separate all the significant sea stacks from each other so they don't overlap and lose the integrity of shape against the sea and the chosen shutter speed to render the water soft.  It was then a matter of waiting for the warmest light such that the cliffs shadow didn't cut across the stacks, the best cloud structure and lastly differential light to play across the land to keep the scene three dimensional.  Not as straight forward as it first appears.

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