Photography by Ian Cameron
Corporate Merger, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, strange, neon, absurd, money, signs, casino, city  photo

Corporate Merger   Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I took this multiple exposure shot many years ago (1997), on an old Contax ST loaded with Fuji Velvia 50, when neon signs were prevalent and de-rigeur in the Casino towns such as Las Vegas, a city I found to be toxically fascinating, jaw dropping yet utterly absurd and vaguely revolting.  We stayed for free in a themed hotel room which was undeniably luxurious the assumption being that we would squander all our money in the casino, we didn't but we watched mindless folk with huge tubs of coins rhythmically feeding  slot machines, occasionally winning but with apparently zero enjoyment of that comparatively rare event.  A strange, strange place.

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