Photography by Ian Cameron
Curvaceous, Bothkollen, Anderdalen Nat Park, Norway, pleasure, impression, perfection, beautiful, trees, winter, unspoil photo

Curvaceous   Bothkollen, Anderdalen Nat Park, Norway

If there are two digital shots I have taken on this Norway venture with my Fuji that give me the most pleasure and an overall impression of exquisite perfection then it would have to be these beautiful curvaceous trees and an image I have called Marshmallow.  Both sum up all that was best about the Norwegian winter, the unspoilt beauty of the landscape and the indescribably beautiful colour cast that sun and sky have lent the curvaceous nature of the landscape.  I could gaze at this and Marshmallow and be transported straight there and that is surely the mark of a sucessful picture.  Yet this was not an easy image to make.  In order to get the ratios of blue to white correct and allow the tree to stand out against both snow and slope yet retain detail in the trunk and the blue shadows created by the trees  I needed to wait and adjust my position over a period of twenty minutes until all aligned perfectly.

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