Photography by Ian Cameron
Dava Birch Copse, Dava Moor, Moray, Scotland, gold, frost, snow, pristine, glistening, birch, sunlight, dappled, cloud   photo

Dava Birch Copse   Dava Moor, Moray, Scotland

With the Dava moor road cut off and the snow gates closed I parked up at one end of the road and set out on foot.  Fortunately with previous attempts at clearing the road having been made by the local council and with the subsequent abandonment in the face of continual deep drifting snow, it wasn't too deep.  The snow was unmarked by human presence and everything appeared pristine.   This beautiful glistening birch copse deep frozen in a mix of frost and snow turned gold in early morning sunlight beneath a cloud dappled sky.  

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