Photography by Ian Cameron
Embers on Stac Pollaidh, Knockan Crag, Assynt, Scotland, sunlight, flickered, blood, red, conical, summit, tangerine, cl photo

Embers on Stac Pollaidh   Knockan Crag, Assynt, Scotland

As the last dying rays of sunlight flickered out I noticed that one of the other peaks near the Coigach ridge had also become blood stained and the conical summit of Stac Pollaidh was framed with a triangle of tangerine light.  With the dramatic blue tinged cloud pattern up above it was a veritable rainbow of electric colours above the hills of Assynt.  Just turning the camera slightly away from the most intense hues helped make the contrast between light and dark become more manageable, ultimately making the colours of sunset even richer.

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