Photography by Ian Cameron
Fairy Cones, Fairy Glen, Skye, Scotland, magical, mounds, conical, eroded, sheep, reflections, winter, heavy cloud, suns photo

Fairy Cones   Fairy Glen, Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Glen does indeed appear to be a most magical place.  It sis made up of dozens of small conical mounds ranging from a dozen or so feet to heights of a hundred feet or more.  They are mostly conical and sheep have eroded perimeter paths around the cones.  This is one of my favourite viewpoints mainly because one of the most symmetrical cones is by the waters edge and in winter there is likely to be enough to generate reflections.  As it happened I had some gorgeous soft lemon yellow light seeping beneath some very heavy cloud just after sunset which lent the Fairy Glen a completely otherworldly charm.

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