Photography by Ian Cameron
Fiddler's View, The Fiddler, Inverpolly, Scotland, precipitous, rockface, snow, treacherous, parallel, layered, sandston photo

Fiddler's View   The Fiddler, Inverpolly, Scotland

A truly memorable day hiking up the Fiddler a precipitous angular rockface that drops away some 1500 feet straight down to the glen below without bouncing.  The walk up is not difficult but snow made it slightly more treacherous though I have to admit infinitely more beautiful.  I wanted some strong foreground elements that showed the season and conditions in the finest light.  I had to search for the first and wait a good while for the second.  The parallel diagonals of layered sandstone rock conveniently separated by a layer of virgin snow provided the former, while cloud and dappled sunlight strikiing various peaks and lochans created the visual interest I was looking for.

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