Photography by Ian Cameron
Fingal's Cave 1, Staffa, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, reputation, magnificent, iconic, sunlight, colour, turquoise, tidal,  photo

Fingal's Cave 1   Staffa, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Fingal's cave 2 is just magnificent.  It is one of the iconic visual treats provided by the tiny and not particularly ancient island of Staffa about 6 miles from the coast of Mull and it absolutely lived up to it's reputation.  I would have preferred slightly flatter light to manage the contrast but paradoxically the sunlight from outside the cave bounced off the water and walls throwing mainly indirect light to the very back providing just sufficient illumination to see the incredible array of colours on offer.  I waited for different aspects of the tidal swell to provide movement and colour to the surging turquoise water.

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