Photography by Ian Cameron
Glen Etive Falls, Glen Etive, Highlands, Scotland, snow, melt, rain, flow, lateral, river, cascades, water, waterfalls  photo

Glen Etive Falls   Glen Etive, Highlands, Scotland

One of dozens of waterfalls swollen by snow melt and morning rain in the glen.  This is nowt but a trickle normally and where everything else was really structureless this cascade retained its shapes and ledges and also benefitted from tremendous lateral flow where the river below it ripped past bringing a delightful change of colour tone and shape.  I prefer to let my waterfalls string, ie show structure even in the brightest highlights to fast and the falling water forms dashed or stacatto lines, to slow and the water turns to vapour and is structureless, try 1/4 to 1/2 second shutter speeds for most average cascades as a starting point.

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