Photography by Ian Cameron
Gloomy Sligachan, Sligachan, Skye, Scotland, triple, arch, pack bridge, mountain, sunrise, rain, gloominess, river  photo

Gloomy Sligachan   Sligachan, Skye, Scotland

Sligachan has this wonderful triple arch pack bridge across the river with a stunning mountain backdrop, including the bulk of Marsco shown on the left, part of the mighty Cuillins.  It is best photographed from the main road bridge but I should also emphasise caution because heavy lorries and passing traffic do tend to thunder past.  That said if you go out early, shortly after sunrise the traffic flow is negligible (if not negligent), sunrise was in no way apparent on this occasion but once again I find myself drawn to the extreme gloominess of the scene and the impending heavy rain that shortly follows.

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