Photography by Ian Cameron
Golden Hour Aiguille, Les Houches, Chamonix, France, stormy, sulky, sky, gold, drama, last light  photo

Golden Hour Aiguille   Les Houches, Chamonix, France

This was some of the last light of the day to strike the Aiguille Du Midi near Chamonix in France and by this stage and under stormy skies it had turned to gold beneath a gloriously sulky sky.  Far from being in the midst of this storm which frankly I usually seem to be, I was instead seated in a soft chair with a cup of tea watching this magnifient drama unfold in the comfort of my appartment balcony.  As Alan Whicker once famously remarked in a BBC interview on his 1970's travel show sitting outside theTaj Mahal in a black suit,  white shirt and dickie bow quaffing a G & T, "well after all any fool can be uncomfortable"

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