Photography by Ian Cameron
High Summer, Quiraing, Skye, Scotland, light, shade, bumps, depressions, greenery, white, clouds, sky, colour, joy, patt photo

High Summer    Quiraing, Skye, Scotland

Given a choice I prefer to shoot at first light as the quality of this type of light is soft colourful and very beautiful, shooting in the late morning is usually not terribly productive but here the carpet of greenery is like a wrinkled snooker table full of bumps and depressions and large puffy white clouds flee briskly across the sky culminating in the most wonderful patterns of light and shade that give this scene immense depth and colour.  Ultimately this single image transports me back to that fine breezy warm summers day high on the Quiraing effectively and brings me as much joy as any image I have ever taken there. 

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