Photography by Ian Cameron
Hout Bay Gold, Chapmans Peak, South Africa, Africa, huge seas, battered, coast, Chapmans Peak, cliffs, spray, golden, su photo

Hout Bay Gold   Chapmans Peak, South Africa, Africa

Huge seas battered the coast of South Africa during our five day stay around the city of Cape Town.  On one of these days we drove the toll road via Chapmans Peak which offfers fantastic views from high above the cliffs.  It wasn't until close to sunset that the true drama of the South African coast was really revealed.  Golden sunlight diffused by sea spray where the waves pounded the cliffs layered the outlne of the hills across Hout bay and rings of churned surf linked ant parted in the turbulent sea below the cliffs.  It was an awesome sight and very testing to expose for as the spray from the sea managed to scale the cliffs and coat lenses and filters.

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