Photography by Ian Cameron
Ice Castle, Duffus Castle, Moray, Scotland, stripes, Duffus, isolated, alone, frost, thawing, grass, blue, shadows, path photo

Ice Castle   Duffus Castle, Moray, Scotland

Duffus Castle stands isolated and alone on a grassy green plinth near the tiny Moray town of Duffus.  I find it a very lovely ruined castle full of atmosphere and its blessed by not being "managed", meaning that the general public can visit and walk around it at any time of the day and night without having to pay for parking or entry fees.  Long may it stay that way.  I love visiting in winter here the frost on the brow of the path is thawing exposing the grass beneath, mixing with blue shadows and the line of the path it looks like the stripes in a tube of tooth paste. 

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