Photography by Ian Cameron
Ice Fagin, Loch A Chroisg, Achnasheen, Scotland, birch, tree, dense, freezing, mist, old man, head, bearded, white, Fagi photo

Ice Fagin   Loch A Chroisg, Achnasheen, Scotland

When I first saw this old birch tree looming out of a dense freezing mist around the shoreline of Loch A Chroisg, I saw the head of a white haired bearded old man perched on a scrawny neck.  I immediately thought of that old crook Fagin with his hooked nose and furtive look, and I found myself humming the theme tune to the musical Oliver.  I still can't get past the image of Fagin even though three years have gone by since I took the shot.  It goes without saying that this was some of the hardest hoar frost I have ever encountered and I have rarely had a more productive day's shoot.  For a few minutes the rising sun stained the mist pink and Fagin looked slightly embarassed.

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