Photography by Ian Cameron
Ice Tunnel, Mer De Glace, Chamonix, France,ice caverns, glacier, compressed, blue, ice, honed, slippery, Mont Blanc Mass photo

Ice Tunnel   Mer De Glace, Chamonix, France

I have always wanted to see those fabulous natural dripping ice caverns beneath the glacier shelves of Iceland and marvel at the compressed blue ice.  I guess this is the next best thing even if it is entirely manufactured under the umbrella of tourism.  This tunnel system has been drilled and honed from beneath the Mer De Glace belonging to the Mont Blanc Massif, even though it is artificially produced the blue of compressed ice is very real and without the walkways I suspect there would be a pile of bodies at the end of each tunnel unable to get back out again over the insanely slippery floor. 

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