Photography by Ian Cameron
Inky Blue Gold, Loch Na Stainge, Highlands, Scotland, brief, superlative, light, transient, colour, rainbow, Black Mount photo

Inky Blue Gold   Loch Na Stainge, Highlands, Scotland

I am always on the look out for brief but superlative light or transient light as I prefer to call it and so far this last year or so this has been some of the very best I have encountered and this was taken at it's absolute peak in terms of colour contrast even though the rainbow between the background peaks of the Black Mount is still quite faint. Part of the pleasure I get from this particular shot is the bubble tracers in the water that have smeared into white streaks in various orientations but in the end there is only one thing that commands ultimate attention and it is the one thing that overides all else, even above a refined composition and an exciting subject and that is the quality of the light.

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