Photography by Ian Cameron
Island In The Mist, Loch Droma, Glascarnoch,  Scotland, magical, amazing, November, morning, freezing, cold, still, dawn photo

Island In The Mist   Loch Droma, Glascarnoch, Scotland

I have passed by Loch Droma any number of times and never seen it looking as magical as I  did on this amazing November morning.  It was freezing cold and very still and I thought I would try and get some nice dawn reflections.  little did I know that the bowl of the loch had trapped a layer of thick swirling mist which periodically shifted to partially reveal the islands on which stand gold drizzled birch trees.  I spent ages there picking the best moments and this is the one that lives best in my mind,  golden lighted hills poking out of the top of the mist bowl and drizzled birches peeping through a veil of mist.

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