Photography by Ian Cameron
Jagged Edge Mer De Glace, Mer De Glace, Chamonix, France, Mer De Glace, glaciers, river, ice, snow, mountain, spire, rin photo

Jagged Edge Mer De Glace   Mer De Glace, Chamonix, France

The Mer De Glace is one of the largest glaciers on the Mont Blanc Massif.  A slow moving river of ice that sweeps down from the top and peters out at the head of a visitors railway line.  Global warming however has taken its toll the glacier has dropped back hundreds of metres in very few years and it is now a drop down to the ice fields of several hundred steps it is also more like a boulder field and actually not particularly photogenic.  The mountain opposite however was a stunner, a vertical spire that pierced a ring of cloud with furrowed leading lines that draw your eye upwards to the immense snow covered peak.

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