Photography by Ian Cameron
Lair of the Snow Dragon, Cairngorm, Highlands, Scotland, imagination, snow, pattern, shape, winged dragon, scale, stream photo

Lair of the Snow Dragon   Cairngorm, Highlands, Scotland

Just occasionally a title for an image suggests itself even before I have fully found the picture I am looking for and these are often the strongest images since they are inevitably carved from ones imagination.  In this case I immediately recognised the pattern of snow at the top of the image had to my mind the shape and outline of a winged dragon and once I had seen it I couldn't let that image go.  The meandering line of the dragons tail is a stream swollen by snow melt the black Scots pine giving the only real sense of scale.  I should also advise that this image is colour not monochrome, the stream the only clue with reflected steely blue water.

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