Photography by Ian Cameron
Liquorice Allsorts, Talisker Bay, Skye, Scotland, low tide, bay, sunset, cliffs, sands, leaching, impregnated, marbling  photo

Liquorice Allsorts   Talisker Bay, Skye, Scotland

Talisker Bay is a good twenty minute walk from the nearest car park and it is best to visit at low tide and at sunset when the setting sun falls into the bay.  The sands at Talisker are impregnated with black dust from the corroding stone boulders which leach into the white sand beach creating a beautiful and quite unique marbling.  The sand is punctuated by black boulders and stones and two high cliffs contain the bay with a single stone stack separated fron the cliffs providing a further point of interest.  This shot was taken in full colour despite the black and white palette and pleased me immensely.

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