Photography by Ian Cameron
Loch Maree Chilled, Loch Maree, Torridon, Scotland, sapphire, loch, hue, blue, winter, twilight, evening, chill, shiver, photo

Loch Maree Chilled   Loch Maree, Torridon, Scotland

Loch Maree is often referred to as the sapphire loch because it so often adopts the hue of a clear blue sky in late Spring and summer.  In winter at twilight on a still evening that blue cast and the chill it evokes is really quite tangible, certainly enough to make you shiver.  The distant spruce pine on the slopes of Slioch are like blackened match sticks.  The traces of colour are confined to the heather brush and straw like rafia windblown and trapped in the marooned brush at the waters edge.

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