Photography by Ian Cameron
Lurgainn Sunrise, Loch Lurgainn, Inverpolly, Scotland, gorgeous, sunrise, copse, scrubby, brush, marching, reflection photo

Lurgainn Sunrise   Loch Lurgainn, Inverpolly, Scotland

This is actually the most outrageously gorgeous sunrise at Inverpolly I have ever seen and I have been there a lot.  Not withstanding we were actually a little later than I intended but fortunately a good knowledge of the area enabled me to quickly re-adjust my inital intentions.  A tiny copse of scrubby brush marching over the foreground bank provided me with just enough foreground silhouetted interest.  I had already worked out that this was one of the most sheltered sections of Loch Lurgainn so I was pretty certain that whatever showed up would double in reflection.  In the end though it is all down to being in the right place at the right time.

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