Photography by Ian Cameron
Mist Rising Loch Achilt, Loch Achilt, Contin, Scotland,misty, chill, morning, silence still, surface, reflection, calm r photo

Mist Rising Loch Achilt   Loch Achilt, Contin, Scotland

I arrived at Loch Achilt very early a few minutes after sunrise on a misty chill morning and was not hugely surprised to find that I was alone in the silence of a breathlessly still morning.  the mist was rising off the surface of the loch at the first kiss of sunlight and the background would disappear then magically re-appear in the soft haze of a new day.  All of which was delightfuly reflected in the calm water.  Imagine my disappointment to find this blissful scene suddenly destroyed when a swimmer turned up and promptly swam straight through it, hence the ripples.  It must have been all of 6.30am and about 2 degrees celcius.

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