Photography by Ian Cameron
Misty Castle Girnigoe, Noss Head, Caithness, Scotland, lighthouse, Wick, ruined, castle, cliffs, cleaved, mist, rock, li photo

Misty Castle Girnigoe   Noss Head, Caithness, Scotland

On a remote strip of road close to the Noss head lighthouse just north of Wick is castle Sinclair Girnigoe a building undergoing restoration but even so a very impressive ruined castle in a stunning cliffside location.  Unfortunately its outline is marred by the presence of scaffolding when seen from the cliff top but it is much less apparent from below the cliffs on the impressive cleaved rock coated with sulphurous coloured lichens and dotted with nodding thrift.  I visited on a murky misty evening where the haar had rolled in and visibility was sympathetically compromised to add to its somewhat desolate and spooky appearance.

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