Photography by Ian Cameron
Papyrus Scrolls, Loch Na Stainge, Glencoe, Scotland, autumn, gold, dry, stiff, curl, twist, font, quill, scrolls, intric photo

Papyrus Scrolls   Loch Na Stainge, Glencoe, Scotland

During autumn and its slow migration into winter, the reed beds change from green to gold and then dry out forming into rafts at the edge of the moorland lochans.  The ones at the edge of loch na Stainge that have been affected by a sharp frost curl up, twist and stiffen reminding me of the old fashioned papyrus scrolls with their intricate and elegant quill letter fonts that adorn old maps and legal text.  I liked the texture and patterns so much that Ii felt they had to have pride of place in the immediate foreground against the frozen waters.

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