Photography by Ian Cameron
Phenomenon Findhorn, evening, greenish, light, crepuscular rays, point source, beach huts, reflected, peculiar, horizon photo

Phenomenon Findhorn   Findhorn, Moray, Scotland

I confess I have no idea what is going on here but this is the first inclination that we got that this particular evening at Findhorn bay was going to be something a little bit special.  It is now about 20 minutes until sunset.  Having turned the camera around 180 degrees to capture the scene illuminated by the golden light of a setting sun.  I was greeted by this, bear in mind that the sun is behind me not in front obvious perhaps from the illuminated beach huts, so what then is the peculiar greenish light throwing what appears to be crepuscular rays skyward from a point source near the horizon. Surely it can only be reflected light from the sun, but reflected from what?  I have never seen anything like it before and things just started to get weirder.

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