Photography by Ian Cameron
Portknockie Dawn, Portknockie, Moray, Scotland, summer, sunrise, grey, cliffs, bay, dolphins, water, flushed, pink photo

Portknockie Dawn   Portknockie, Moray, Scotland

During the summer months Portknockie experiences a north facing sunrise at around 4am.  I duly arrived to grey skies and I have to say any form of sunrise seemed unlikely.  As I wandered to the top of Portknockies cliffs I noticed a roe deer feeding on the short grass and wondered if I might be lucky enough to get it silhouetted against the sky.  Then Walt Disney made an unlikely entry cos as I looked down into the bay a pod of about 35 to 40 dolphins were arcing out of the water.  So a deer, dolphins and then unbelievably the sky flushed pink too.  Oh well at least my camera got the sunrise!!

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