Photography by Ian Cameron
Quarry Chippings, Loch Awe, Assynt, Scotland, intimate, appealing, rock, slab, chippings, slate, sandstone, pattern, pla photo

Quarry Chippings   Loch Awe, Assynt, Scotland

Occasionally when the weather is unfavourable for the larger scale landscapes it makes sense to look for something a little smaller.  These intimate wee studies are very appealing not least because they are unlikely to be present the next time you visit.  This quarry removes plates of sandstone and slate from the rock face and whilst there I found this colossal slab covered with slate chippings of assorted colours and sizes.  I spent simply ages composing the chippings into a cohesive pattern and just as I was about to shoot a gull flew overhead and deposited something unsavoury across part of the slab amazingly none on the stone chips.  I used the photoshop rag to clean up the "fowl"

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