Photography by Ian Cameron
Rabbits Eye View, Big Sand, Gairloch, Scotland, winter, morning, Caolas Beag, sandy, bay, dunes, snow, stems, gold, Torr photo

Rabbits Eye View   Big Sand, Gairloch, Scotland.

On a particularly fine winter morning I drove out to Big sands at Caolas Beag, Gairloch a gorgeous sandy bay backed by high dunes.  It had snowed right down to ground level and the dunes were frozen solid with patches of snow lying between yellowing stems.  I made my way over the dunes to find a dozen or so skittish rabbits dash off to their secret tunnel hideaways and I couldn't help feeling envious of the very fine view on their doorstep.  When I dropped down to rabbit level the view was even better, with the snow dusted Torridon peaks providing a stunning backdrop through a haze of spun gold.

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