Photography by Ian Cameron
Rainbow Frieze, Loch A Chroisg, Achnasheen, Scotland, winter, freezing, skin, ice, glaze, thin, interference, patterns,  photo

Rainbow Frieze   Loch A Chroisg, Achnasheen, Scotland

This was one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed and I was completely captivated by it.  It got progressively colder that winter morning and it was apparent that the water surface was on the verge of freezing over to form what I call skin ice.  Then as I looked down at my feet I saw the water surface begin to glaze over spreading out from the bank.  The ice was as thin as a piece of foil.  I became vaguely aware of colours on the flexing surface which changed with the undulations on the surface of the loch.  Intrigued I took out my polariser and to my astonishment found the ice was full of fluctuating interference patterns rather like the thin skin of a bubble.  What you see is the fascinating result of those thin ice sheets stacked up like overlapping slates on the shore blown there by the wind.

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