Photography by Ian Cameron
Ribbons Of Gold, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, golden, sunlight, low, orb, sun, horizon, sunset, flare, compromise,  photo

Ribbons Of Gold   Findhorn, Moray, Scotland

Brilliant golden sunlight bursts from underneath low cloud and the orb of the sun hovers fractionally above the horizon.  I have a 15 second window of opportunity to record the scene, a compromise being made between too much direct sunlight causing uncontrollable amounts of lens flare and too little direct light, that would mean the desired ribbon of golden sunlight reflected off the tide sculpted wet sand bank would be obliterated.  Exposure has to be bang on and there is no second chance, well not until the following day anyway.  A nice little trick for you, wear a white shirt, if the direct light of the setting / rising sun is unable to cast a sharp shadow outline of your hand then assuming clean filters and lenses you can shoot without risk of lens flare. 

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