Photography by Ian Cameron
Rosamol Blues, Traigh Rosamol, Harris, Scotland, blueberry, ripple, peaks, rain, storm, pattinated, sand, gneiss, rock,  photo

Rosamol Blues   Traigh Rosamol, Harris, Scotland

Quite possibly one of my all time favourite shots I have taken on Harris and I have quite a few in my collection now.  The Harris peaks are like a blueberry ripple on the horizon and apparently being drenched by the latest storm to rock the island and unleash it's cargo of rain.  I came across this beautifully pattinated stream emptying itself into the sea which displays some gorgeous mineral leaching from the gneiss rocks.  Unblemished tan coloured sand completes the palette of muted colour for an understated yet powerfully simple brooding image which aptly displays the magic that is Harris.

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