Photography by Ian Cameron
Saint Elgols Fire, Elgol, Skye, Scotland, luminous, meandering, flow, stream, sea, sunset, coast, snow, mountains photo

Saint Elgols Fire   Elgol, Skye, Scotland

This is probably my favourite shot of Elgol I have ever taken.  It has been sitting in my files for a wee while and it is probably as good a visual explanation I have as to why I still insist on using film for almost every shot I take.  The transparency is just luminous and I am happy to say this is a very very close match to the scan of the Velvia original featuring the meandering flow of a freshwater stream draining into the sea, a vivid west coast sunset with last light painting rocks gold all beautifully mixed up with the rich blues and violets of twilight on snow capped Cuillins mountains.  Sheer joy to behold and photograph. 

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